3 Super Easy Ways To Feel Better About Your Smile

Are you feeling less than excited about your smile at the moment? Maybe you are upset because you aren’t thrilled with its appearance. Maybe you feel guilty because you know that you should be taking better care of it but haven’t been very invested lately. Whatever the problem is, remember that you can always get back into the swing of things and back on track with your smile care! Not sure about what you can do to feel better or to do better? Our Celina, TX team happens to be pretty good at offering up easy suggestions that lead toward big improvements and happier feelings!


Caring For Your Kiddo’s Smile In 2019

Are you thinking not only about your own smile care needs but also those of your child? If the answer is yes, then the new year brings up lots of goals and resolutions you need to sort through in order to feel like you’re right on track for healthy smiles in your household. This is no problem! For the time being, take a moment with our Celina, TX team as we focus on how to guide your child’s smile toward absolute success in 2019. With some easy steps, you will realize that getting it all done, while you protect everyone’s oral health, is completely doable!


How Are Your Smile Resolutions Coming Along?

Taking better care of your smile and finally improving those blemishes that affect it are common New Year’s resolutions. They’re also important ones – your smile isn’t just the centerpiece of your face, but also a gateway into your overall wellbeing. At our Celina, TX, dental office, keeping your smile healthy isn’t just a resolution, it’s our main goal. So, today, we offer a few tips for sticking to your goal of making the most of yours. (more…)

Worried Your Smile Looks Dull? Ask About Teeth Whitening!

Every time you check your teeth, you have this unhappy feeling about their brightness – or, more accurately, a feeling that they just are not bright enough. This can be a problem that develops slowly over time, as stains gather in your enamel. You can address this problem with your Celina, TX dentist, and learn about the benefits of professional whitening treatment. Professional cosmetic dental care can lead to more notable improvements than you might see from a store bought whitening treatment. You can choose between a take-home whitening kit, and a procedure in the office, and see fantastic changes in either case. You can also enjoy a review from your dentist to determine the nature of your discoloration. If the problem stems from something other than teeth stains, you can learn about beneficial alternative procedures. (more…)

Christmas Drinks: So Sweet, So Delicious, So Warm…So Bad For Your Smile!

Oh, yes. Everyone can attest to the fact that Christmas drinks are always sweet, delicious, warm, and delightful! While you’re likely nodding your head in agreement, our Celina, TX team is ready to share some not-so-beloved news with you: Christmas drinks are often bad for your oral health! While this certainly doesn’t mean we think you should put it on the no-no list for your holiday fun-time extravaganza, we do want to at the very least make you aware of this fact, to help you understand what the problem might be, and to help you protect your grin!


If You’re Not Flossing As Suggested, Then…

We know that you may have a lot of ideas about dental hygiene. You may like it, find some of the sensations to either be enjoyable or strange, and you may spend time occasionally wondering why you have to go through with it. Is it necessary … really? What would happen, for instance, if you just never flossed your smile? While these may sound like some very abstract questions, the truth is, our Celina, TX team can answer such things with great ease. While we can offer a general response with “your oral health will decline,” we will be happy to go into more detail regarding your flossing question. Apply your new knowledge to your hygiene in general and you will start to realize what makes prevention so important!


The Time To Confess Your Smile Concern Is Right Now!

What is it that has you shining a flashlight into your mouth as you try to see your teeth up-close and in detail in the mirror? Why are you secretly taking pain relievers, as you hope nobody catches on that something is bothering you? When you have a smile health mystery that you’re trying to solve … and you are sort-of-mostly sure you’ll be able to just hang in there and wait to see our Celina, TX team until after Christmas … we’ve got news for you: The time to see us is not in 2019. It’s right now!


Helping You Better Understand Veneers

If you don’t currently have all of your facts straight in regard to porcelain veneers, then today is a good day to get started! If you’re already taking time to investigate a variety of cosmetic care options, then you’re likely seeking out a way to make your smile look better, which means knowing about veneers may be to your benefit. For some, they can offer a wealth of improvements all at once that can make a smile transformation much more efficient (and it will end up with gorgeous, natural-looking results). While you may know a little bit, our Celina, TX team would like to offer additional insight in regard to areas that frequently cause confusion. Here we go!


Ways We Make Your Not-So-Good Oral Health Better

Sometimes your oral health is “okay” but it could be better. Other times, you feel like it’s in serious need of very serious care. While you are well aware that our Celina, TX team is here for your preventive needs, such as cleanings and checkups, you may not know what to expect when your smile needs something more. What exactly is it that we can help you with when your teeth and gums have seen better days, you wonder? Can we really fix problems? If you’re not familiar with restorative care, then there’s no time like the present to learn more and to come in! We have everything you need to get back to your previously healthy grin.


Dental Emergencies: A Few Good Reasons To Call Us

Picking up the phone to contact our Celina, TX dental care practice for a dental emergency can feel a bit tricky. Sure, sometimes it’s obvious to you that your smile requires urgent attention. However, when you feel at all panicked, in shock, or when you usually try to simply power through pain or trauma, you may find yourself somewhat stuck. Should you call us, you wonder? Should you wait? Should you try to just ignore the problem entirely? Generally speaking, our suggestion is always to call us if you think your smile is in danger and we will go from there. For a little clarity, we offer up some helpful guidance.