What Your Whiter Smile May Mean To You

You might know in a general way that you want a whiter smile. However, you may not fully grasp just what or how much it might mean to you to actually follow through with this desire. Yes, your smile will look illuminated and free of stains! However, how will this actually impact the way you feel about yourself, your daily life, your long-term goals, and more? If you’re someone who feels interested in whitening or other cosmetic care but you have been hoping to stir up some extra inspiration for yourself, we just might be able to help with that!


Cosmetic Dental Care: Don’t Be Shy About What You Want!

You may love the idea of cosmetic dental care. You may spend lots of time thinking about it and daydreaming about the smile you could have, if only you took the time to see us about treatments to promote a prettier smile. However, if you haven’t followed through on this one, then you are no closer to that dream grin of yours! What’s keeping you at home and away from our practice, we wonder? If you’re feeling somewhat shy about voicing your feelings because you’re very new to the world of cosmetic improvements and don’t really know where to begin, we are ready to offer helpful advice.


Quiz: Providing Routine Dental Care For Adults And Kids

Providing dental care to patients of all ages means more than just providing the same dental care to everyone, regardless of age. For adult patients, your Celina, TX dentist’s office can provide terrific routine dental care during each checkup. Those visits will involve a cleaning, as well as a careful review of your oral health to identify problems like tooth decay, gum disease, teeth grinding, and more. When young patients come in for dental care, they can benefit from a focus on education and instruction. In addition to important dental health support, they can receive instructions on maintaining good oral hygiene. (more…)

Addressing Irksome Tooth Flaws With Bonding And Contouring

Just one visible tooth with flaws concerning its shape, color, or size can be enough to disrupt a person’s smile. Esthetic dental problems can seriously compromise the confidence someone has in their appearance, and themselves. If you are dealing with something like this, you can talk to your Celina, TX dentist to find out how cosmetic dental work can help you. You might be surprised at how effective a procedure can be, and how quickly improvements can be made. With a bonding and contouring treatment, you can enjoy changes to your smile that have a major effect after just one appointment. (more…)

Sleep Apnea: The Bottom Line!

There’s a lot you can speculate about when you are having trouble feeling rested on a daily basis. There’s also a lot you can become curious about when you learn that one potential reason for your problem (potentially among other symptoms) is sleep apnea. Unfortunately, as you spend too much time doing your own research and wondering, you may be missing out on effective sleep apnea treatment that can let you get back to life as usual. Let us give you some bottom line details that will help you get to your sleep success much more quickly.


Floss Factors: Things To Remind Yourself Daily

When it comes to factors associated with your dental floss and whether you’re keeping up with it, enjoying it, wondering about it, etc., you may be overlooking some serious stuff. We’d like to redirect you back onto a path that guides you right toward oral health that’s excellent and that stays that way. How to do this in regard to your flossing and dental hygiene? With some simple reminders to tell yourself every day, of course!


Questions You Still Have About: Root Canals

We know that you probably have an initial series of questions followed by another set of questions (and maybe then some) when you require a root canal treatment. This is perfectly acceptable and even expected! So, if you need to know anything at all, please ask. We like you to feel knowledgeable, so you feel confident. To get started? Try our Q&A session for helpful details.


Sleep Apnea: Are You Following Simple Lifestyle Suggestions?

Are you following the types of suggestions we bring to your attention to ensure you’re not doing anything to detract from your sleep apnea treatment? If this is new to you because you’ve just begun addressing your sleep issue, then you may be very pleased to discover: Altering some lifestyle habits can have a dramatic, positive impact on your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and make those frustrating sleep apnea events go away! Wondering what they are? We can get you started!


Dental Crowns: Which Material For What?

So, you discover that you need a dental crown when we diagnose you with a troubled tooth. What you know for certain is that we are going to restore your oral health and that you’ll be able to use your tooth again without worrying about it. What you’re not clear on, however, is which type of crown you’ll receive and how we determine what type of material is best for different needs. With just a quick whirl through the details, you’ll soon be a master of the particulars.