Bruxism: Things To Cut Back

When you’re faced with bruxism disorder, you know that bruxism treatment is going to be a smart way to go. However, as for things that can work against it, do you have a list and understand why these particulars are considered not-so-beneficial? Let us get you started.

Stop Your Chewing Gum Habit

Chewing gum is not something you want to have in your life if you’re a bruxism disorder sufferer. Think about what happens as you chew: You move teeth back and forth (similar to grinding) and you may even bite down on gum (like clenching). This is training your jaws into this motion rather than away from it.

Quit All That Other Chewing, Too

Again, remember that the more you chew, it’s as though you’re training your muscles to continue to chew. What your jaws and teeth need is rest between meals and snacks. So, if you’re someone who tends to snack morning to night, consider cutting this habit out to give your smile time to calm down.

Cut Back On The Caffeine

While there might be more than one detail playing into why you’re experiencing bruxism disorder, one thing that you might want to cut back on is your caffeine. You may find in doing so that it doesn’t benefit you. However, it is much more likely that you will discover it offers some relief. This is because giving stimulation to your muscles increases the movement that goes on when you are grinding or clenching. It’s far better to promote an environment of relaxation for these muscles as you attempt to curb excessive motion with bruxism treatment.

Avoid Injury From Bruxism By Treating It!

Agree to bruxism treatment as soon as you receive a diagnosis, so you can avoid the problems that may arise as a result. Schedule your appointment in Celina, TX today by contacting Nielsen Dental Studio at 214-851-4440. We gladly treat patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, and all surrounding communities.