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3 Super Easy Ways To Feel Better About Your Smile

Are you feeling less than excited about your smile at the moment? Maybe you are upset because you aren’t thrilled with its appearance. Maybe you feel guilty because you know that you should be taking better care of it but haven’t been very invested lately. Whatever the problem is, remember that you can always get… Read more »

Worried Your Smile Looks Dull? Ask About Teeth Whitening!

Every time you check your teeth, you have this unhappy feeling about their brightness – or, more accurately, a feeling that they just are not bright enough. This can be a problem that develops slowly over time, as stains gather in your enamel. You can address this problem with your Celina, TX dentist, and learn… Read more »

Helping You Better Understand Veneers

If you don’t currently have all of your facts straight in regard to porcelain veneers, then today is a good day to get started! If you’re already taking time to investigate a variety of cosmetic care options, then you’re likely seeking out a way to make your smile look better, which means knowing about veneers… Read more »

Cosmetic Care As A Holiday Gift!

If you’ve long been interested in cosmetic care for yourself but you’ve also been hard pressed to come up with some major source of motivation to call us about it, we have an idea for you: Consider giving it to yourself as a present for the holidays! They’re on their way. So, whether you want… Read more »

Emotions And Feelings: When You Choose Dental Bonding

When you think to yourself, “Hey, I am not at all satisfied with my smile!” you begin by seeking out cosmetic treatments that could give you the results you’re after. As you work through the details, you learn a lot, and then you finally land on a solution, you’re so close … yet so far…. Read more »

Smile Upset And What You Need

When there’s something about your smile that isn’t perfectly wonderful, you may find that you feel upset. Sometimes, it’s over something little like a stain. Other times, it’s over something that’s a much bigger deal, such as a cracked tooth or severe pain. When the experience is one that causes some level of emotional distress,… Read more »

What Your Whiter Smile May Mean To You

You might know in a general way that you want a whiter smile. However, you may not fully grasp just what or how much it might mean to you to actually follow through with this desire. Yes, your smile will look illuminated and free of stains! However, how will this actually impact the way you… Read more »

Cosmetic Dental Care: Don’t Be Shy About What You Want!

You may love the idea of cosmetic dental care. You may spend lots of time thinking about it and daydreaming about the smile you could have, if only you took the time to see us about treatments to promote a prettier smile. However, if you haven’t followed through on this one, then you are no… Read more »

Addressing Irksome Tooth Flaws With Bonding And Contouring

Just one visible tooth with flaws concerning its shape, color, or size can be enough to disrupt a person’s smile. Esthetic dental problems can seriously compromise the confidence someone has in their appearance, and themselves. If you are dealing with something like this, you can talk to your Celina, TX dentist to find out how… Read more »

Reasons To Whiten Your Teeth ASAP!

Maybe you know that you definitely feel like it’s time for a whiter smile. You may also have already spoken with us and determined that you’re a candidate for teeth whitening, which can erase your stains and allow you to show off a smile that glows! The thing you’re not doing, however, is scheduling your… Read more »