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3 Super Easy Ways To Feel Better About Your Smile

Are you feeling less than excited about your smile at the moment? Maybe you are upset because you aren’t thrilled with its appearance. Maybe you feel guilty because you know that you should be taking better care of it but haven’t been very invested lately. Whatever the problem is, remember that you can always get… Read more »

Caring For Your Kiddo’s Smile In 2019

Are you thinking not only about your own smile care needs but also those of your child? If the answer is yes, then the new year brings up lots of goals and resolutions you need to sort through in order to feel like you’re right on track for healthy smiles in your household. This is… Read more »

How Are Your Smile Resolutions Coming Along?

Taking better care of your smile and finally improving those blemishes that affect it are common New Year’s resolutions. They’re also important ones – your smile isn’t just the centerpiece of your face, but also a gateway into your overall wellbeing. At our Celina, TX, dental office, keeping your smile healthy isn’t just a resolution,… Read more »

Christmas Drinks: So Sweet, So Delicious, So Warm…So Bad For Your Smile!

Oh, yes. Everyone can attest to the fact that Christmas drinks are always sweet, delicious, warm, and delightful! While you’re likely nodding your head in agreement, our Celina, TX team is ready to share some not-so-beloved news with you: Christmas drinks are often bad for your oral health! While this certainly doesn’t mean we think… Read more »

If You’re Not Flossing As Suggested, Then…

We know that you may have a lot of ideas about dental hygiene. You may like it, find some of the sensations to either be enjoyable or strange, and you may spend time occasionally wondering why you have to go through with it. Is it necessary … really? What would happen, for instance, if you… Read more »

The Time To Confess Your Smile Concern Is Right Now!

What is it that has you shining a flashlight into your mouth as you try to see your teeth up-close and in detail in the mirror? Why are you secretly taking pain relievers, as you hope nobody catches on that something is bothering you? When you have a smile health mystery that you’re trying to… Read more »

Ways We Make Your Not-So-Good Oral Health Better

Sometimes your oral health is “okay” but it could be better. Other times, you feel like it’s in serious need of very serious care. While you are well aware that our Celina, TX team is here for your preventive needs, such as cleanings and checkups, you may not know what to expect when your smile… Read more »

Insurance Details: Stuff You Really Need To Consider

There are some details you get excited about this time of year, such as asking your loved ones for their wish lists, thinking about what you’re planning on serving for holiday meals (or deciding whose you’ll attend), and more! What you might not be extremely excited about but what most definitely needs your attention at… Read more »

Dental Care: All That We Offer Your Family!

When you set aside time to ask yourself how you’re doing with keeping your family’s oral health in order, one of the details that comes up is: Where should you bring your family for dental care? Of course, if our Celina, TX team has anything to say about it, you will bring every last lovely… Read more »

Gingivitis: Key Information To Live By

When you think you’ll know that a case of gingivitis has begun affecting your smile no matter what, think again! This is an oral disease that can be more difficult to recognize and understand than you think. In some cases, you may not even know it’s already begun. In others, you could mistake it for… Read more »