Dental Care: All That We Offer Your Family!

When you set aside time to ask yourself how you’re doing with keeping your family’s oral health in order, one of the details that comes up is: Where should you bring your family for dental care? Of course, if our Celina, TX team has anything to say about it, you will bring every last lovely smile in to see us for continued care! Why is that? Well, we happen to offer comprehensive family dentistry to ensure your family receives the prevention (and more!) that they require for long-lasting smile health. Curious about what we mean when we mention “comprehensive?” Allow us to explain!

Come In For Checkups And Cleanings

First and foremost, we offer you the very backbone of dental care that every single individual on the planet requires in order to maintain excellent oral health! Of course, we invite your entire family to come in for dental checkups and dental cleanings. These are two services that you will receive during just one convenient visit. We get the buildup off of your teeth (don’t worry, even if you’re very good with brushing and flossing, this will still occur), and we polish them, so they feel nice and clean! Then, we take a very detailed look at your smile to make sure everything is A-OK. For effective family dentistry, we encourage twice-a-year visits for everyone!

See Us For Children’s Dental Care

Don’t forget that family dentistry includes not only adults but also the little ones. Of course, you have had years to become accustomed to visits, cleanings, brushing, flossing, to get your oral health on track, and more. Your kids have brand new teeth and tissues that are growing and changing (and they’re new to this brand new experience). We offer children’s dentistry to thoroughly and compassionately guide them, so their smiles remain healthy and strong (and so they develop excellent habits and feel good about seeing the dentist!).

Come On In For Bruxism Concerns

Guess what? Family dentistry is here for you when things don’t go exactly as planned, too. Sometimes, patients discover that they have bruxism! It sounds a bit strange but it’s common and absolutely treatable. Simply put, you may be grinding your teeth or clenching them together (and you’re not even doing it on purpose). Come in to see us for a visit and we will offer treatment to protect your oral health.

Need Help With Sleep Trouble? No Problem!

Snoring? Think sleep apnea is affecting you? No problem. Our family dentistry includes treatment for this, too, so don’t be shy! Let us know how you’re doing.

Come In For Complete Family Dental Care!

See us soon for the family dentistry that ensures every member of your family enjoys exceptional oral health. Schedule your appointment in Celina, TX today by contacting Nielsen Dental Studio at 214-851-4440. We gladly treat patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, and all surrounding communities.