Dental Care Tips: Talking About Toothbrush Troubles

There are so many things that can go right with your toothbrush, which is a good thing, since it’s the primary instrument with which you clean your smile every day. However, there are also a handful of things that can go wrong, which can leave you feeling upset that your dental hygiene isn’t exactly leading to the exceptional results (excellent oral health) you were expecting. Good news: You’re not the only patient in the world wondering what’s going on. Our Celina, TX team is sympathetic, of course, and would like to help you with some easy-to-follow tips. Of course, if you find you still need a little help, come on in!

Tip: If It’s Old Or Dirty Or Frayed, Throw It Away

Our team asks that you take a look at your toothbrush, that you do your best to pay attention to the date you begin using it, and that you’re honest about its appearance. We remind you that if the toothbrush becomes frayed, it’s time for a new one. If the brush seems dirty even though you clean it when you use it, it’s time for a new one. Of course, you’ll also need to simply follow the guideline of replacing this dental hygiene item once every three to four months, too.

Tip: If It Tires Your TMJs, Try Something Else

If your toothbrush seems to tire out your TMJs as you brush your teeth, then you probably need a new toothbrush. This is something that can happen when your brush is far too big for your mouth. Size down for improved comfort during dental hygiene.

Tip: If Nothing Seems To Be Working, Ask For Help

You might try lots of toothbrushes. You may even be quite serious about brushing twice daily and remember that you have to floss, too. However, if you feel you’ve exhausted your toothbrush options and your smile cleansing approaches, yet still you are not feeling like your dental hygiene leads to a job well done, then it is time to talk with us. Your toothbrush technique may just need a bit of a tweak or you may be in need of some other small morsel of information that will make things effective again. (Remember, if you’re not coming in for dental visits twice a year, this might be all that you’re missing!).

Talk Toothbrush Details With Us During Visits

If you have questions about dental hygiene, from products to techniques, then remember to bring up your thoughts during our visits with you! Schedule your appointment in Celina, TX today by contacting Nielsen Dental Studio at 214-851-4440. We gladly treat patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, and all surrounding communities.