Dental Crowns: Which Material For What?

So, you discover that you need a dental crown when we diagnose you with a troubled tooth. What you know for certain is that we are going to restore your oral health and that you’ll be able to use your tooth again without worrying about it. What you’re not clear on, however, is which type of crown you’ll receive and how we determine what type of material is best for different needs. With just a quick whirl through the details, you’ll soon be a master of the particulars.

Location, Location, Location!

If you’re not already aware of the materials available for your dental crown, let’s run through them quickly: We provide metal crowns, PFM crowns (this means porcelain fused to metal or porcelain over a metal base), porcelain crowns, or zirconia crowns. The main concern when we are working with you to select a material is where your tooth is located. Those that don’t deal with lots of daily pressure (in the front) don’t need as much durability. Those that you chew with (in the back) do. Also, we consider esthetics (while PFM might be fine on back teeth, you probably want something without a hint of metal on front teeth). This leaves us with the following:

  • Back teeth do well with metal, with PFM, and with zirconia
  • Front teeth often receive porcelain

Budget Is A Factor, Too

We know that your budget is a serious factor when making decisions. As a result, this will come into play when considering which material to use for your dental crown. For instance, you may want a zirconia crown for your barely visible back tooth but it does not fit within your budget. However, metal will be something onlookers can see. The result? PFM is a wonderful solution! It’s all about working with you to understand your preferences!

Receive A Dental Crown From Our Friendly Team

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