Dental Emergencies

Handling Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency typically describes any condition that causes bleeding or significant dental damage. Conditions such as fractured, broken teeth, or teeth that have been knocked loose or forced out of their sockets, may require immediate attention. After calling our office to schedule an emergency appointment, you can take certain steps to stem the damage, protect your oral health, and possibly avoid losing your tooth:

  • Swish around warm water to thoroughly rinse your mouth, especially around the damaged tooth.
  • If bleeding occurs, then place clean, moist gauze on the area and hold it in place by biting down gently.
  • You can temporarily relieve discomfort with an over-the-counter pain reliever.
  • If swelling occurs, place an ice pack or cold compress on the side of your cheek to help reduce it.
  • If a piece of your tooth has broken off, then collect it if possible, rinse it carefully, and bring it with you to your dental appointment.
  • If the tooth is knocked loose, or partially avulsed, then be sure not to jar it further. If you’re careful, you can hold the tooth in place by biting down on it gently until you reach our office.
  • If your tooth is knocked out of its socket, or avulsed, collect the tooth, carefully rinse it off without disturbing its root, and bring it to your emergency appointment.
  • You can preserve the tooth by placing it in a small container of milk. If treatment is sought quickly enough (within the hour), then Dr. Nielsen may be able to successfully replant it.