Floss Factors: Things To Remind Yourself Daily

When it comes to factors associated with your dental floss and whether you’re keeping up with it, enjoying it, wondering about it, etc., you may be overlooking some serious stuff. We’d like to redirect you back onto a path that guides you right toward oral health that’s excellent and that stays that way. How to do this in regard to your flossing and dental hygiene? With some simple reminders to tell yourself every day, of course!

You Can’t Trick Your Gums Or Teeth

Remind yourself every time you’re tempted to completely ignore your need to floss that you cannot trick your smile. You might think you’re sneaking by without using dental floss for just one day. However, the plaque and food bits that remain between and on teeth are still there! They’re still hardening and irritating your gums. Following through with care is better.

Switch To Better Floss ASAP

If you keep sort of keeping up with your dental floss habits because you really don’t like your floss (and you keep telling yourself you’ll go to the store soon), remember the following: Do it right away! Test new products and start using what you like today for best results.

Questions Aren’t Embarrassing

You might want to ask us about your habits with dental floss. Or, you may wonder if one flavor is better than another. You may, however, feel embarrassed to ask questions about floss since it’s the backbone of your dental care. We understand but we ask that you put your feelings aside and ask anyway! There’s no need to feel shy. Even the most basic of questions can completely overhaul your ability to maintain your smile.

See Our Team When You Have A Question

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