Helping You Better Understand Veneers

If you don’t currently have all of your facts straight in regard to porcelain veneers, then today is a good day to get started! If you’re already taking time to investigate a variety of cosmetic care options, then you’re likely seeking out a way to make your smile look better, which means knowing about veneers may be to your benefit. For some, they can offer a wealth of improvements all at once that can make a smile transformation much more efficient (and it will end up with gorgeous, natural-looking results). While you may know a little bit, our Celina, TX team would like to offer additional insight in regard to areas that frequently cause confusion. Here we go!

They’re Not The Same As Crowns

You might think that porcelain veneers are the same as porcelain crowns but they are different:

  • Veneers cover the visible part of your tooth and are only intended for cosmetic improvement
  • Crowns cover the entirety of your tooth and may offer esthetic and restorative improvement

Caring For Them Is A Breeze

It’s important to us that you realize porcelain veneers are very easy to keep clean and care for. You may worry that when you’ve got your smile partially covered in ceramic that you’re going to face lots of challenges but the truth is that it’s not a big deal. Your dental hygiene will continue as usual and you’ll still see us for cleanings and checkups. That’s really all you need to do! No change necessary.

They’re Worth The Investment

You may wonder if it’s really worth choosing porcelain veneers for yourself because you figure that they’re not going to really hold up. So, why not just get your teeth whitened every now and then, choose orthodontics to address gaps, lengthen teeth with bonding, etc.? There are a couple things going on here. First, if you need a lot of work and you add up the costs associated with your combined treatments, you may find that the investment in veneers is actually quite reasonable. You should also know that your veneers can last you for years and years. You just need to take care of your smile! Easy.

Get The Facts About Veneers From Us

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