Questions You Still Have About: Root Canals

We know that you probably have an initial series of questions followed by another set of questions (and maybe then some) when you require a root canal treatment. This is perfectly acceptable and even expected! So, if you need to know anything at all, please ask. We like you to feel knowledgeable, so you feel confident. To get started? Try our Q&A session for helpful details.

Questions and Answers

Question: Won’t my tooth look incredibly strange after root canal treatment, especially if it was very infected to begin with?

Answer: No, your tooth will not look strange. We will finish the treatment by restoring the structure of your tooth and its appearance, which will usually include a lifelike crown.

Question: Is it true that a lot of patients compare the feeling of getting a root canal treatment to receiving a dental filling? Why is this?

Answer: It’s true. While the root canal will certainly require more time than a filling, this comparison is made because you won’t feel much of anything with either treatment because you’ll be numb! If you’ve ever had a filling, you know it’s no big deal. This is used as example to remind you that the same is actually true of root canals.

Question: Won’t my tooth just get infected again?

Answer: One of the main goals of root canal treatment is to ensure this does not happen. We seal everything up very well so that bacteria cannot find a way to enter your tooth or make their way into your roots.

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