The Time To Confess Your Smile Concern Is Right Now!

What is it that has you shining a flashlight into your mouth as you try to see your teeth up-close and in detail in the mirror? Why are you secretly taking pain relievers, as you hope nobody catches on that something is bothering you? When you have a smile health mystery that you’re trying to solve … and you are sort-of-mostly sure you’ll be able to just hang in there and wait to see our Celina, TX team until after Christmas … we’ve got news for you: The time to see us is not in 2019. It’s right now!

You Cannot See The Future

We remind you that you may think you can estimate just how much time you have before your smile health concern becomes a huge smile health problem. However, you can’t. You cannot see into the future! It’s possible you have irritation that will go away or that it’s a severe cavity that will become horribly painful by Christmas. Don’t guess. Just come in to avoid any possible consequences!

Mild Symptoms Don’t Mean Mild Concerns

You may think that you don’t really need to come in for the mild symptoms affecting you right now because they’re so mild. Sure, you could come in for a dental checkup but the issue must be tiny! Right? Well, possibly not. When you were symptom free, that is when the issue may have been quite minor. However, once any symptom occurs, there’s a full spectrum of possibility. In case you’re experiencing a smile health issue that has really had time to progress, see us now for treatment instead of waiting even longer.

Avoidable Emergencies Are Best Avoided

You know that we provide our patients with emergency dental care. However, that doesn’t mean you should just live recklessly when it comes to your smile and wait until you suddenly realize you need help ASAP. Instead, we suggest you always do what you can to avoid emergencies. It’s always best for your smile! In times such as those surrounding holidays, it’s also best for your happiness and your ability to enjoy yourself without major obstacles. Leave any emergency slots open for individuals who suddenly deal with impossible-to-foresee emergencies, while you simply enjoy your Christmas by coming in right away!

Come In For Smile Health Help Before Christmas

What is it that your smile is requiring before the holiday? Not sure but you think you probably need a visit? Come on in! Schedule your appointment in Celina, TX today by contacting Nielsen Dental Studio at 214-851-4440. We gladly treat patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, and all surrounding communities.