Ways We Make Your Not-So-Good Oral Health Better

Sometimes your oral health is “okay” but it could be better. Other times, you feel like it’s in serious need of very serious care. While you are well aware that our Celina, TX team is here for your preventive needs, such as cleanings and checkups, you may not know what to expect when your smile needs something more. What exactly is it that we can help you with when your teeth and gums have seen better days, you wonder? Can we really fix problems? If you’re not familiar with restorative care, then there’s no time like the present to learn more and to come in! We have everything you need to get back to your previously healthy grin.

We Catch And Treat Functional Issues

You might think that there’s something very wrong with your smile because it feels extremely sensitive. Your jaw joints may feel uncomfortable. You may notice that your tongue looks like it’s scalloped along the edges. In this case, it turns out that you won’t even need restorative care at all! This is an oral health issue that’s functional in nature. It’s called bruxism disorder! You have been clenching or grinding your teeth habitually. With a mouthguard that you start wearing at night, this preventive treatment will work wonders for your smile (it stops damage from happening and trains you to stop clenching and grinding).

We Detect And Treat Hygiene-Related Disease

Now, for those things you’re more familiar with and for which you will certainly be able to receive restorative care: Anything related to your hygiene, such as tooth decay or infections, is something we can help you with. Remember, we offer everything from tooth-colored fillings to root canals, so you can say goodbye to disease.

We Bring Your Smile Back From Damage

Are you dealing not only with some form of oral health issue like decay or infection but also with the structural damage that generally comes with them? We can fix the physical damage, too. If your tooth is missing tissue or needs protection, we offer dental crowns. If you have lost one or multiple teeth, remember that we provide prosthetic dentistry in the form of dentures or dental bridges, so you may enjoy a complete smile again!

Let Our Team Make Your Oral Health Better

When you want to enjoy excellent oral health, come in to receive the dental care that you need to get there! Schedule your appointment in Celina, TX today by contacting Nielsen Dental Studio at 214-851-4440. We gladly treat patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, and all surrounding communities.